“Thank you for lowering the temperature in the Ocean, surely the corals are partying.

Thank you for renewing the Forests, for cleaning the rivers, for uniting the people.

Thank you for reminding us that the planet is still alive! For reminding us that it is warming up and that we have to continue working and educating so that those who live here make definitive changes in this regard.

Thank you for reminding us that we are only human! That we are not superior to the power of Nature.

Thank you for the families that will stay in their homes and will share as they have not done it for a long time. For the board games.

Thank you for the neighbor who helps the neighbor, for the thoughts and prayers that friends and family dedicate abroad.

Thank you for those who help each other! Thank you for what you give us and for what you will take away. Perhaps what you take from us helps us to have a simpler life, without vain attachments and more focused on the things that are really important.

Thank you”

Hurricane Benefits

  • They are a natural mechanism that the planet has to cool down, they help cool the oceans and thus prevent the death of reefs and fish.
  • They make rivers and streams grow and are responsible for cleaning up the garbage accumulated by humans.
  • Its powerful winds clear the forests by knocking down old and weak trees to make way for new and stronger trees.
  • They refresh the atmosphere and clean the air contaminated by the aerosols.

Much of the damage caused by hurricanes is due to poor planning of humans, they build houses near rivers that flood when they are cleared by hurricanes. They build wooden houses on weak lands when they know that hurricanes can cause strong winds and landslides every year.

Nature has its natural processes, but we humans are determined to alter these processes and the balance of the earth, these processes exist from the beginning of creation and will continue to occur.

In conclusion: Hurricanes are not bad, it is people who make them look bad, because a balance has to occur whether they like it or not.

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