The pleasures of having a boat carry additional responsibility during hurricane season.

In addition to protecting your home with a hurricane protection system, it is important that you take measures to protect your ship.

If your boat is not prepared for a storm, it will not survive and can also cause damage to the property of others.

How to prepare your boat for a hurricane:

  • If you live most of the time in another place, or do not use your boat during hurricane season, take it to a dry marina.
  • If you have your boat on a trailer, store it in a warehouse or garage during the storm. Some storehouse owners are willing to rent spaces for 3 to 5 days.
  • If you plan to keep your boat in the water, check its condition in detail every year.
  • Keep the batteries fully charged and have adequate fire fighting equipment and life jackets on board.
  • Check the water seal and verify that there is no water inlet.
  • Test deck hardware to see that they are structurally solid and can hold the boat during a storm.
  • Make an inventory of all boat equipment, keeping one copy on board and another with your hurricane equipment.
  • Take a test tour to a safe haven, reviewing the conditions of the route and how long does the tour takes.
  • Get ready to move your boat quickly. Port captaincy will inform when sailing to ships is closed.
  • Once your boat is in safe shelter, put twice the customary moorings, using different mooring points.
  • Coordinate plans with nearby boat owners to reduce the risk of damage to all boats.
  • If you have to leave your boat on a trailer, look for a place near a building, and away from trees and poles. Tie the boat to the trailer, place the trailer on blocks and deflate the tires. Tie the trailer to secure anchors on the floor.
  • Secure covers with tape.

NEVER pass a hurricane while inside your ship. It is one of the most dangerous places, due to wind, rain and strong waves.


If you do not have access to a dry marina or warehouse, the simplest solution may be to connect the trailer to your vehicle and get away from the area of the expected impact of the hurricane. Make sure you are giving yourself enough time and that you are not moving to an area where the hurricane could deviate. If your house is safe with a professional protection system, you can leave it for a few days and take your boat, family and pets away from the storm.

In any case, do not forget your emergency kit (See article: How to prepare an emergency kit for hurricane?

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