This video is a bit old, but the important thing about its content is not the hurricane forecast for that year but the information on how hurricanes form, why and what consequences they have.

Knowing why they form and how they form, helps us understand if the place where we live has the elements or not, to form hurricanes year after year.

And knowing the consequences of a hurricane, makes us aware of the risks to which we are exposed and therefore, to take preventive measures to prevent damage to our property, our vehicles and especially our family.

Today there is a wide variety of solutions for hurricane protection. There are solutions with greater or lesser visibility abroad, with more or less automation, with more or less installation or assembly work and with more or less investment required.

If you do not know which is the ideal hurricane protection system for you, we recommend you read this article, or contact us to explain exactly what your needs are and we can advise you.

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